What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is ranked among the priciest oils in the world, probably because it is quite rare and only found in the southwestern regions of Morocco. The oil is extracted from kernels of the

Argan tree nuts which are only found in Morocco. For many centuries, Berber women have relied on the oil to protect their skin and hair from the harsh desert conditions they live in.

Moroccans have over time used the raw unroasted Argan oil to cure skin diseases and burns.

The oil’s skin and hair curative properties had always remained a secret until recent discoveries in the beauty world brought the oil to international limelight. Argan oil is now well known over the world for its numerous cosmetic and health benefits, and has become a must-have product for almost every cosmetic company.

The growing popularity of Argan oil can be attributed to its anti-aging qualities. Scientific studies have proven that the oil significantly reduces the emergence of fine wrinkles and improves your skin’s vitality. It is also rich in curative elements.

Today, Argan oil has been incorporated in many anti-aging cosmetic products, in a host of body lotions, and creams for treatment of scars and eczema. There are many brands of shampoos, soaps, and creams that contain significant amounts of Argan oil. The oil is virtually found in all leading cosmetic products. It is a natural face moisturizer, very effective against acne vulgaris, and prevents flaking of dry skin.

The natural ingredients in Argan oil provide numerous health benefits. The oil, famously known as liquid gold, has over 80% composition of essential unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-9 also called Oleic Acid, and Omega 6 scientifically known as linoleic acid. These two compounds alone are responsible for intercepting free radicals and promoting cell growth. When compared with other oils such as olive oil, Argan oil shows greater resistance to oxidation.

The oil is also used for culinary purposes too. Moroccans have used it for centuries to spice their breakfasts by dipping bread into the oil. It can also be drizzled on pasta or even salads.

The rarity and benefits of Argan are some of the main reasons why Moroccan Argan forests were added to the Biosphere Reserves Directory of the UNESCO back in 1998. It is also worth noting that the trade of Argan oil has created income opportunities for rural populations in Morocco.

The oil has created jobs and significantly reduced rural to urban migrations in areas where the tree grows. The Argan tree has deep roots that act like reservoirs, significantly reducing desertification.

In the not-so- distant past, Argan oil was only available in Morocco. It was sold as a glamor item for the wealthy people, and was hardly available beyond its areas of production. Due to its health and beauty benefits, it soon reached Europe, and by the year 2002, Argan oil was a leading fashion product in North America and in the entire European continent. Feel free to contact us if you need the purest Argan oil.