Benefits of Argan Oil

What you’ll often hear people mention when talking about the Moroccan Argan oil is that “miraculous oil does indeed work!” They are always right because the benefits of Argan oil are actually innumerable.

What exactly is Argan oil?

Argan oil is extracted from the kernel of argan tree nuts. The argan tree, scientifically known as Argania Spinosa, is a common tree in the southwestern part of Morocco. Argan oil is sometimes referred to as liquid gold because of its healthy benefits to our hair, nails, and skin. It gives you a healthy and adorable appearance.

The use of Argan oil products didn’t begin yesterday. For many generations, Moroccan women have been using Argan based cosmetics to maintain their beautiful skins despite the harsh desert environment they live in. It is a great thing that this miracle oil is now available worldwide. You too can try Argan oil and experience its benefits first hand.

Argan oil works wonders with both dry and oily skin. What’s more amazing is the fact that Argan oil is 100% organic and does not contain perfumes, preservatives, or even artificial coloring. This magical oil is suitable for sensitive skin and for those prone to allergies. It is good for you, no matter what your skin condition is. Let’s consider some specific benefits of Argan oil and how it can make you healthy and feel young right as soon as you start using it.

Benefits for your skin

First and foremost, Argan oil is a light non-greasy product that will not clog the pores of your skin. It is easily absorbed into your skin due to its non-greasy nature.

The miracle oil from Morocco will also help you get rid of unsightly wrinkles, those fine lines we all don’t like, and the lines under your eyes popularly known as crow’s feet.

Argan oil does wonders to dry skin. You can count on this skin nourishing oil to hydrate dry skin, enhance elasticity, and maintain the skin’s suppleness.

Studies have shown that Argan oil has both anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties that cure skin conditions such as acne scars, acne blemishes, and even helps to stop acne breakouts. You can rely on the oil to minimize visible scars such as those left after one suffers from chicken pox.

The miracle oil restores your skin’s hydrolipidic film by boosting your skin’s moisture and stopping moisture loss altogether.

Argan oil is has anti-aging properties too. It prevents your skin from aging as it contains high amounts of vitamin E and saponins. It further prevents rapid degeneration of your skin’s muscles which is one of the signs of aging.

This healthy oil is rich in proteins which help to tighten the skin and enhance the skin’s elasticity.

Argan oil boosts production of both collagen and elastin which help to maintain your skin fresh and healthy.

Scientific studies have shown that Argan oil promotes growth of new skin cells. It also helps to cure burns and a variety of skin inflammations quite fast.

The wonderful oil from Morocco is quite effective in preventing your skin from staying permanently greasy. It is effective against greasy skin as it regulates secretion of sebum and further helps to regulate your skin’s natural oils.

We all know the damage our skin suffers from exposure to free radicals such as the sun, tobacco smoke, and a host of other environmental factors. Fortunately, Argan oil contains the necessary anti-oxidants that protect you from damage caused by free radicals.

Stretch marks can really mess up the natural beauty of your skin. Use Argan oil to prevent and fade away the unsightly stretch marks the organic way without resorting to the use of parabens.

The oil contains healing properties you can count on to relieve discomforts and damage caused by common skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.

Argan oil is perfectly safe for delicate baby skin. It can also be used to treat irritated skin. It is great for relieving the discomforts caused by diapers.

Benefits for your hair

There are so many ways Argan oil benefits your hair. Consider the following:

Argan oil helps to strengthen your hair’s roots all the way to the tips It helps to maintain your hair well hydrated and your locks well moisturized all day long

The oil gives your hair the vibrant natural shine it so deserves

You can count on Argan oil to reduce and completely stop split ends

The oil helps to keep your hair smooth and even tame constantly frizzy hair. It is what you need for tangle ups.

The oil protects your hair from damage due to high temperatures.

Maintains a balanced sebum level for those with oily hair

Promotes hair growth and stops hair loss

Protects your hair from unavoidable environmental damages such as those caused by long exposure to the sun, sea water, or even from spending long sessions at the swimming pool

Argan oil is quite effective against dandruff It is a good cure for itchy scalps

Helps color treated hair last longer

Argan oil significantly reduces the time you spend blow-drying your hair.

What about your nails?

Argan oil benefits your nails too in so many ways.

Argan oil maintains weak and breakable nails strong and healthy It softens cuticles

Stimulates nail growth

Overall health benefits

Cosmetic Argan oil has several benefits for your overall health.

The oil is highly recommended for arthritis massage because it helps curb tissue and joint damage while soothing arthritic swellings and pain. It helps to soothe pain and discomforts due to rheumatic disease

An Argan oil massage relaxes body muscles and eliminates leg and back pain.

Promotes better blood circulation

Culinary Argan oil, usually processed in a different way from cosmetic Argan oil, has numerous benefits too:

It lowers cholesterol levels

Helps prevent inflammatory disorders and heart disease

Helps to prevent different types of cancers, especially prostate cancer

Helps the body fight insulin resistance and cure diabetes

Is a recommended way of stabilizing blood sugar the natural way

Promotes better circulation and boosts the body’s immune system

Increases concentration of the digestive enzyme pepsin, improving your digestion

Culinary Argan oil is also known to be an effective Aphrodisiac that enhances sexual desire.